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Top 5 Must-Haves for Hiking with Dogs

Top 5 Must-Haves for Hiking with Dogs

October 11, 2019

Written by: Casey Shayne

Earlier this week, we posed the question on Instagram: What are your top three must-haves for hiking with your dog? The answers came flooding in, and they did not disappoint! We've evaluated the answers and complied a list of the top recommendations, and we are here to share the results with you.

1. Water
Everyone knows to bring water for themselves on a hike, but don't forget about your dog too! Pack an extra water bottle and clip a small bowl onto your backpack for Fido. Dogs can get dehydrated just like humans can, so it's important to stop for water breaks along the trails.

Collie peering over ledge

2. Medical Kit
Accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. Out in the woods or high into the mountains, you definitely want to be prepared in case of emergency. Pack a doggy medical kit in your hiking backpack so you're ready for these unexpected hiccups. A few things you'll want to include are gauze and bandages, antibiotic spray or ointment, tweezers and scissors, disposable gloves, and a magnifying glass. Customize and add things to your kit that meet the needs or your dog!

Puppy on a leash

3. Extra Leash or Long Line
You never know when that squirrel is going to run across your path, and when Fido runs after it, breaking his old leash in the process, you'll be glad you packed a backup! Many people choose to bring a long line to give their dog more space to explore on the trails. Using the long line is also a great way to practice a far distance recall!

4. Treats
When your dog is behaving as you walk past a fellow hiker, reward him with one of his favorite treats. It's also smart to have a protein/energy bar or sandwich bag of your dog's food on the longer hikes. Making sure your dog is nourished is just as important as taking your own snacks on a hike. 

Dog harness with tag attached

5. Dog Tag
Just incase your dog runs away during the hike, be prepared and have an up to date tag on your dog's collar or harness. Alternatively, if you're the one in an accidental emergency situation, you may lose control of your dog! Even if you have the most well trained hiking buddy, something could go wrong and you'll be happy you were prepared.

There were more items you all listed as hiking necessities, but we deemed these the top five most important items to take on your hike with Fido. We hope this article helps as you pack your bags for your next adventure! Most importantly, have fun and happy (safe) hiking!

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